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To help democratise global knowledge.


Our community researches, translates and dubs relevant online videos into other languages. We focus on video content which we believe to contain elements of education, inspiration, personal and professional growth, smart entertainment, and insights about issues that matter.


Let's break down language barriers so everyone can access internet’s finest video library.

Currently served languages: Czech, English, and Vietnamese.

Join us!

BECOME A DUBBER Register and start dubbing. Use your phone or another device to start recording. Then just upload your audio recording file here to the existing YouTube video or add a new one. We are currently developing our own recording tool, meanwhile watch this video on how to record and upload.

BECOME A TRANSLATOR Register and start translating. Use YouTube or some other tool to translate, and then share the text here for others to dub. We are currently developing our own translation tool, meanwhile watch this video on how to translate videos.

SUPPORT THE PROJECT Subscribe and share the content you like. Give us feedback, write about us Mention us in your videos, blogs or posts. Join the team!

Contact:, (+420) 774897789